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Rogers mentioned in an interview: “Nielsen always focuses on the team, he rarely cares about yourself. He is excellent, you can complete all the work you are looking forward to, is a phenomenon of good teammates. Compared to personal data He is more related to whether the team can win. “For Kuben, Rogers also gave a high evaluation:” He can complete a lot of difficulty high-difficult to catch the ball. He is very all, you can put him in different At the location, you asked him to run a variety of different routes, he has the ability to do very well. From the perspective of your body, he is more strong than everyone, his speed is much more than it seems. “For packages, the most important thing is to ensure the health of core players. We have reason to believe they can go further.

Cowboy Medical Tricks – Frederick announced retirementUS Time Monday, Cowbi MediaTravis Frederick announced the decision to decide through social media. He was a total of 7 years in NFL (actually played 6 years).

Leon-McCaki Team is suspected to bid BillBill Runwara Shanen-McKea McCoy has caused a rumored whirlpool, and the product is: “Buffalo is a very special place & hellip; & hellip; thank all things.” Many people guess that McCay is because they are cut by Bill.

Frederick 2013-2017 is full of work, the 2016 season won the best lineup of the United States, 5 times in a career bowl. He was diagnosed with Greenbury syndrome in 2018. This is an autologous immune disease that leads to an immune system to attack the body’s nervous system.

According to NFL official website reporters, Collins has overcome illness this week, but he still takes some time to return to the state of participation. At present, Collins’s power and weight have not yet reached the team requirements. Patriotes, in the nearest injury report, the team will be a sharp line player Marcus – Tre Jackson, Sebastian Vollmer (Sebastian Vollmer) ) And external workkens Swain-Martin is listed as “doubt”.

Cowba boss Jerry Jones said in the statement: “Due to the specialty of the center position, Travis Frederick has always been the core in the team, and the most talented, the most skill is the most in my mind. A comprehensive offensive front line member. “

Bill, the harvest of the harmonious ridge – Duely, Richie Incognito is listed as “doubt” due to shoulder injury. Defensive Diagonal Kyle Williams determines that the 4th consecutive game will be lacking because of knee injury.

Sea Eagle Hague Glifen or Brain Shock Can’t playSeattle Sea Eagle Hague Saquel Griffin suffered brain in Monday to the Arranga Falcon, which was likely to be able to play a game with 49 people in San Francisco this week.

Packaging out outside the handle combination towards historical resectionThe current Green Bay packaging work is all open, and it is unstoppable. In addition to the gods of the four-dimensional Aaron Rodgers, we can’t ignore the team’s external connections to give him strong support. Jordy Nelson (JORDY NELSON) and Randall Cobb’s external connections are moving towards a record.

During last week, the two completed 10 batches, and the 224 yard was accompanied by 3. These data are almost all in the first half. According to statistics and forecasts, the two are expected to complete 177 bolts, 2736 codes, and 32-time terrorist achievements at the end of the season. In the history of NFL, the total number of teams of two outer junctions is 31 times, which is created by Randy Moss and Wes Welker in 2007. That year, the past was completed 23 times, and the latter won 8 times.

However, the possibility is not small, and he is currently 6 million US dollars, and the salary capsule space is 88.75 million in 2017. The new coaching group is likely to choose to cut him to take a $ 78.75 million wage-capsule.

Two years ago, the eagle was ruined with the Attack System of McCay’s offensive style and the Attack system of the church-Kelly. This year, when Anthony Lynnn became a Bill’s new offensive coordinator, his adjustment has also made McCaki to struggle.

Patriot line Weake Collins determined absence competitionNew England Patriots Line Wende Jamie Collins will determine the absence of this week with Buffalo. The team announced that Collins stopped because of the disease, Wholesale Jerseys which would also be the third game he continued.

Sam Bradford knee injury restricted training The four-dimensional Sam Bradford, Sam Bradford, Minnesota, Minnesota, has completed the best performance of career last week, but because the knee injury had to be trained.

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