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In the 2011 candidates, the 5th line of the conference was selected, Peterson was considered to be able to rule the position of the Union Corner. He is a combination of dazzling body, exercise ability and ball skills. So far, he not only reached people The expectations, even changed the scouting and coaches to see the way to block the corner. Potson will change the station to the other side of the top, even if the defensive system of the red ramp makes the angular guards often have an opportunity. 6 feet of height 1, the weight 219 pounds of Peterson will use hand to block the external comfort to run the route, and can be worn with footsteps and speed, even if it is a regional defense, he also shows the footsteps of people. And the ball.

The local time on Thursday, the head coach Pete Carroll said that the same thing will not be born on the Hawie. Carol said: “Some teams often change the team because of economic issues, but we will not. All contracts are in control, we will not choose rebuilding, will only be on the original basis, in us Continue the construction team within the control range. “Carol knows, wants to leave a star player, means that the team must give up some of the other players. But as a main coach, Carol believes that the team can make a correct decision.

To tell, Martin is an unprecedented running guard, never stopping. His lavender style has a workers’ class diligent, unsea-sex, but is very effective in a particular system. In fact, I have heard a national exploration and evaluation of Martin’s “excellent but not outstanding” conditions to achieve the estimated achievements. At present, for pirates and Martin, such conditions are ideal, but I don’t think Martin can achieve the same degree of success in other teams. Five years stayed for a long to stay in Tampa, and watching Martin can continue to compete with the prince.

The proximal edue Kameron hopes to leave Brown this is notThis offset period Cleveland Brown looks a mess. Kyle Shanahan, Kyle Sanahan, hopes to pay attention to you. Josh gordon hopes to play, but it is banned for one year. Johnny Manziel will participate in the alcoholic course.

Team 2016 Two Word Show James Bradberrry is trained with wrist fracture, he will need to wear a gypsum at least six weeks. According to the official website of the Black Panther, Bradbell is still in the mandatory mini training camp.

He has communicated with a team manager in Menlian West, and he told me that “Peterson has been considered the best player in the position of the angle, but his performance is in the expectation of him.” The performance of his seasons closed alliances, I am convinced that he is the number of corners of the price in any defensive system.

Ten Mountain is easy, keep the Jiangshan difficult, the same is true for the Hawks. High-paying Wilson will inevitably hit the wage cap will also cause some players to leave. Can you grasp the balance between them, and it will be largely determined whether the Hawks will continue to maintain strong.

Put the Klei Matthew in the “System Player” list will definitely question, Cheap Jerseys but before the social account bombards, please listen to my reason. No one will question Matthews’ destructive power and his influence on packaging work. Career 7 seasons he won 67.5 times, 12 times persecution and 6 copy. For the Defensive Group of Green Bay, Matthews is their Swiss army knife.

Carol: Give Wilson’s contract does not mean rebuilding the teamSeattle Hawks will have the renewal of Russell Wilson after the end of this season. Although his contract is another year, the Hawk has decided to lock this champion quarter-off. It is reported that the Hawk plans to provide Wilson with a contract worth more than 100 million, or even the highest payroll. This can’t help but let people think of Baltimore Crow in renewal of Joe-Flak (Joe Flacco) to rebuild the team due to the choice of wage capabilities.

On Thursday, in an interview, Greg Williams said that many people didn’t realize that the ankle injury has huge impact on Kunnan-Williams. After the latter is now restored, Greg Williams believes that the young defensive dish can play more excellent in the new season.

The CBS reported Brown depicts a disaster, Manzel and with him in the first round of the corner Justin Gilbert (Justin Gilbert), look like a draft, boss Jimmy-Has Jimmy Haslam intervenes this by the coach group and personnel department. If things in the Brown team are really as bad as reported, it is very simple to understand why Cameron wants to leave.

In the recent recent game, Mike said: “I am no longer idiot,” he then explained: “I think he feels good, and he is really Ok. You look at the game of Dragono, then from that’s performance, you don’t want to make you the same mistake in the early season. I think he is very good after getting more ambulance, but at the same time, if other players want Replace him appearance, you are also confident in them. “

Throw these struggles, no one doubts Rak to put the team’s talents and abilities on their shoulders. In the first three seasons in the career, there was no support group and the pavement attack too much support, and a person took a pony into the playoffs for three consecutive years. What is even more impressive is that he directed 10 times a big reversal and 14 rounds of killing attack. You know, he has played 55 regular games. These data have proved the calmness and confidence in the key moment.

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