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Relevant persons said that both parties will negotiate before Wednesday. The privileged label uses the window will be opened on February 16, on March 2, close. If the negotiation is still not progress, the chief will use the label directly. Houston, 26 years old, completed 21.5 times this season. Green Bay packaging is a contract for a 66 million US dollars in the 2013 season and Clay Matthews. To renew, the chief must propose similar contracts.

Wilson, 27 years old in January, was first sent in the four seasons for the Hawks, but Jimeng Graham last season was obviously the head of the team at the time of the team, Wilson Two passes, this is a new career, and he completes 15 times.

The chief will continue to negotiate with Houston on renewal issues.According to the Alliance, the team needs to decide how to use a privileged label before March 2. The biggest goal of the Kansas City chief is to renew with the outside Kasin Houston. This season, Houston’s murder led the league, and if the team could not agree with him, he would not hesitate to use the privileged label for the best defensive star on the free market.

On Sundays, there is media explosives, and the chief will negotiate with Houston’s brokers recently. The chief hopes to sign a long to Houston, and ensure that this defensive core can be continued in the next few years. Houston is hoped to win a big contract, and there is a knowledge in love to disclose that both parties have great differences in salary.

The second section begins just five seconds by the Packers running back Eddie – Lacey (Eddie Lacy) complete one yards rushing touchdowns. Ryan seems to feel completely lost the first three do not pass, the ball converted Packers completed 3 points shot, this time the Packers to score 17 to 7 lead. Houlai En steals the ball, Rogers stability ball, complete one yards passing touchdowns, Wholesale Jerseys catching people running back Lacy. Rogers did not take long to finalize the steady advance 10 yards touchdowns passing, catching people is wide receiver Jordy – Nelson (Jordy Nelson). At this time, the Packers lead to big score 31 to 7.

Ryan up a third complete a record 79 yards long pass, the ball is human Julio – Jones (Julio Jones), adhere to the fourth speed after the completion of the final strong play five yards passing touchdowns, catching people Tela Mongolia – Williams (Tramon Williams), this time the score 31 than 14 Falcons are still lagging behind. Falcons defensive group force, Rogers was destroyed several times passing the ball right back to the Falcons offensive group, Ryan steady advance finalized 3 points shot, catching the score to 31 than 17. After stabilization control Packers still time 3 min to complete final score becomes 34 to 17 misses.

In general offensive teams are very smooth, but many second-line defensive problems, the ability to run anti-Packers game exposed, while second-line anti-pass the serious problem of Falcon. After the game the Packers to 10 wins and 3 losses came the National League North first name.

Brian flores, said: “My children feel that he will start, they are fanatics. But because of the influence of the epidemic, we have not seen it. Before allocating the mission, we have Many things have to be done. See the top side first. Now guess what will happen in this season, it is still fashionable for premature & hellip; & hellip; I prefer a day of treatment. “

The first year served as a Bill coach again, once again faced the choice of the generals of the elf. Although Tyrod Taylor has some brightly stable performance in the first two episodes, Lien is still not touched.

Packers score shootout win over the Falcons dominated the partitionThe game, the Green Bay Packers 43 to 37 victory over the Atlanta Falcons, Aaron – Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) to promote the completion of 327 yards passing and three passing touchdowns, quarterback rating of up to 123.3 points.

You can’t blame Lien to use quadrants in the preseason. Not long ago, when he was still a New York jet coach, he made the first quartz of Mark Sanchez (Mark Sanchez) in the third episode. When Sanchez finally reimcomed the shoulder injury season, Ryan was also destroyed in the jet coach career. Sanchez leaving the team during subsequent breaks, while Rex also finally left.

The fourth quarter began not long after, Ryan completed 26 yards passing touchdowns, Jones completed the ball again. Falcon defense is not going to last, Rogers completed 56 yards passing touchdowns in the case of a forced out of the pockets, the game is completed Nelson second touchdowns, the loss of rare additional points, to expand the score 40 than twenty four. Jones Falcon by way promote strong play finalized one yard touchdown pass, but additional points 2 points failed to score for catching 40 than 30. After the Falcons attempt gambling kick failed, the Packers got the ball in the half, the Falcons defense and calmly make every effort to stay in place, the Packers had to take a long-range kick 53 yards by kicker Mason – g Crosby (Mason Crosby) is completed, the score becomes 43 than 30. After 2 minutes only Falcon complete propulsion, and finally by Henry – completed 2 yards touchdowns Douglas (Harry Dougles), catching the score 37 to 43 ratio. Falcon again using gambling play, or failure, the Packers 39-yard kickoff at the side, Rogers ran the ball once completed the first attack, running back Starks completed 20 long-distance running, and ultimately the game time consumed.

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