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Sea Eagle is looking forward to Rawls and Glaham ready to play new seasonSeattle Haying Pitt-Carol (Pete Carroll) believes that the two key members of the offensive group runowing Weimas Rawls and the close-up GMG-Glaham is expected to be ready to play the first Week game.

In view of Wayne’s downturn, many people think that Wayne has been resting in the playoffs and then in the game. You can get wounded, two can give young players more opportunities. However, this Ween said that the injury indicated in an interview and did not affect his play: “As long as I am playing, it means that there is no problem.”

“They have achieved great progress,” said Carol. “Whether you can return to the first day of the training camp, whether it is still hurting and can’t play a list, we have to wait and observe what happens in this six weeks. This is really important for six weeks because of these people The status is enough to prepare them. They recover status during the recovery process, and now they are ready to make progress. “

If Wayn can debut this week, Wayne will take the 209th representing the pony to surpass Penton Manning to create a new team history record. This week, Xiao Ma will face the dextrin people in the same way. If Victory will determine the qualification of the Naidian District Location, Wayne also said that his current focus is on the winning, he said: “I only care about winning, and the Texas people we have to face are quite strong in recent weeks. I don’t pay attention to others.”

Gronoski believes that Edelman has the opportunity to select a famous HallJulian EDELMAN announced its own decommissioned decision on Monday, but the former teammates Rob Gronkowski have other views.

La Potter has previously reported that Reid is looking for Wholesale Jerseys a long-term contract, but the Hawk hopes to leave a salary space. The negotiations have not been broken after receiving the end, causing the two sides to decide to break up.

The 33-year-old 33-year-old entrance to the union entered the league started with the high-yield stage of his career in the dolphin, which was only a game in San Diego lightning. In the third season of his dolphins, he got 687 yards and 1 time. The subsequent snippet was taken by Bill Belichick in a second round and a seventh round of draft price to the new England Patriot. There, Vilke became one of the most high-yielded tank connectors in the new millennium. It has more than 1000 yards in five seasons in the six seasons of the patriot. He has played in the past two seasons in Denver wild horses.

Glaham is recovering from the tear injuries encountered in the 12th week of last season. Such a knee is hurting and is difficult to recover. Rawls fractures in the 14th week. Both did not participate in this week’s mini training camp.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Ian Rapoport reported on Sunday, the Kansas City Emirates signed a one-year contract with Rid, worth up to $ 7 million, and the guarantee amount is expected to be $ 5 million.

It is reported that there are indeed four cities that are considered as a professional bowl, and the Hunlu is not the only choice, Orlando, Houston, Australia Sydney is likely to be a future professional bowl, and the NFL is trying to improve. Alliance International Influence, Sydney may have a big chance to receive professional bowls.

Leji-Wayne talks: will not affect your playIndianapolis’s old will take over Relgie Wayne’s previous age and triceps tear, and are experiencing the most downturn of career. Last week, only 5 yards of the game in the game of the BLEV Lan Brown, and there were 3 battles.

After 11 seasons, a series of brain shocks made his career in danger. Last season Velk played 8 games after the ban due to violation of the ban, there were 2 games. He couldn’t pull it off the space of the opponent’s guard, just completed 46 codes to get 464 yards, which was the lowest data since the second season of dolphins as an external hand.

When I talked about the three-degree of the Super Bowl of Champion, Gronoski said support: “I think he has a big chance to enter the famous Hall. Data is difficult to show all of his contribution to the team. He is also a beast. His professional attitude is difficult to compare. “

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