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Newton passes more than 300 yards in the game, but this does not cover his overall performance. His passage is poor, and his mushroom has not played a role. His 51 passed 25 successfully achieved 333 yards, not reached, and there is no passing. This is the first passage success rate of Newton since the last regular season in 2017, less than 50%. He was also killed 3 times. In terms of punch, he only completed 2 mushrooms to advance 0 yards.

“For a very long period of time he is the quarterback of the top ten, in every respect,” team owner Arthur – Blanc (Arthur Blank) representation. “I am excited to Matt. I’m excited for the team. I am sure for us since 2008, there he was pleased for the team.”

“There is no problem with his shoulders,” Rivila emphasized. “He has completed long passes today, passed 2 times.” According to statistics, Wholesale Nfl Jerseys Newton passed 7 flights than 20 yards, but only 2 times completed.

Titan’s striker Warmick slammed the team before attack front line coachTennessee Titan offensive front line is not very flat in the past two seasons. Made Cance Warmack will disclose the dispute, and he points the spear to the front of the team, Bob Bostad, Bob Bostad.

Running a fame and hit: Elliott is difficult to break my recordEric Dickson should be very happy to accept its own rookie sports ball records that may be broken by Dallas denim from Dallas Cowbi in this season. Break. However, this star recently said that he felt that his record was still very safe.

Bosado, who was previously coach Ken Whisenhunt, became a new coach after Mike Mulakey. Muraki approves Brimm as an offensive front line coach, the latter is selected as the best in the NFL1980 in 2010 in 2010 in 2010.

“It’s not a school of three-level alliance. We are talking about the highest level of rugby competition in the world. You have some people who have never engaged in the offensive front line to teach me how to open the road. Do you think this is no problem? I appreciate those For the coaches that have been questioned and comments that maintain an open attitude. They don’t want to hear the question of their philosophy. This affects the growth of the offensive front line when they closer.

Bill will put Harva in the injury reserve listBuffalobier announced on Saturday, which will take advantage of Perth Harvin, which means that his 2015 season has been ended in advance. Doug Whaley Doug Whaley has already hinted this decision on Friday, and Harva’s knee injury is far more serious than imagination.

“I feel okay,” Newton said after the game. “You will not hear any reason to play tonight, don’t play like a plan. I have to become better, no matter what kind of physical condition, whether it is the foot or shoulders, I have not completed the task tonight. This is frustrating I hope that I can say something else, but this is truth. I am very frank with others. I am very frank with me. I am really reflecting myself, because I have a chance tonight, but I Didn’t grasp it. “

This time is listed in the injury reserves, perhaps also indicates that the 27-year-old Harva will end in this shortcoming. After absent London, once some experts believe that Harva may even retreat, but the head coach Rex Ryan believes that Harva will continue to return to the player.

“It must be very special,” Ryan said in talking about his milestone achievement. “I am very fortunate to be able to hit the ball a long time and achieved some success. These great players and others can be mentioned together is very special. I have been a child or a dream to reach such heights. To reach the top ten very good. There are a lot of work to do. but when you reach such a milestone, you can win, then at the same time always more interesting, so you can celebrate with his teammates. “

Newton has been asked for the media to ask him to be bored in the shoulder surgery. However, after the two-game losing, the media will continue to ask his arm strength, but also ask his mobile capabilities, pass the premieration and his future overall performance.

In the 29-3 victory over the Carolina Panthers in the game, Ryan 31 21 successful passes made 311 yards 1 touchdown, his career passing yardage this goes beyond the Hall of Fame quarterback Warren – Moon (Warren Moon), reached 10th place in the history. He is currently made a total of 49,383 yards in 12 seasons.

Ryan said: “He is working hard to recover. Although he can only invest very little time every day, we will continue to pay attention to him. I know he wants to contribute to the team.” This season, Harva brought 19 times, promoted 218 yards, contributing to reach. After the end of this season, Harvin will become a free player, and he is still an unknown in the future of the league.

“I have a coach once served as a line guard at the University League League,” Womi said when attending a CBS sports. “And how do he teach me how to take offensive front line players? If there is any problem, you come to tell me. I am an offensive front line player, I am not a line guard. I definitely didn’t hit the three-level alliance.”

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