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Black Leopard quarter Swan Teddy-Bridgewater: cheap oakley sunglasses china Goal leads the team to win

Teddy Bridgewater replaces Cam Newton’s first quarter-off.

He is not worried about his expectations on him, and it is not worried that he will be difficult to fill the vacancies left by Newton.

In 2016, Bridgewater was taken to the hospital due to serious injuries, cheap oakley holbrook and many people said that this will end his career. Therefore, he is now got to replace who is replaced by the first opportunity, but very happy to have the opportunity to start.

“I am proud of this,” Bridgewater said. “They told me that I can’t take the ball again. As a result, I will continue to play. They tell me that I will take 18 months to come out, I will return to return. They told me that I couldn’t win last season, but we won 5 Field game. “

“I am proud of winning. Win the ball feeling very well, this is our goal.”

Bridgewater is not a completely strange environment in the Black Panther. He will again cooperate with Joe Brady again and the latter in 2017 to 2018. Bridgewood said two people “quickly photo”. Such cooperation is good news for the black panther, especially in the case of the team’s break training.

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