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Red skin master Groen: will not replace the first quarter-savingCase Keenum did not win in the first three games of Washington Red Leather, but the Red Leather Jie Jie-Grunett (Jay Gruden) is still ready to continue to give him a chance. .

At 15-31 Monday Night Race in Chicago Bear, Kunnam has 5 mistakes, which caused the loss of the ball and was killed 4 times. The red skin home fans constantly shout require the rookie quartz. Guide Winn – Haskins.

Karnha still has a chance to prove yourself in the game against the New York giant. Many teams in the Alliance have replaced the first quarter-break, but it seems that Karnam can keep their position. However, if his performance is still not as good as it is, then you want to replace his call will be more loud.

“I have said before: We will not be perfect, but we need to become better, I think we can become better. Otherwise, if I think we have no chance to become better, then I will change But I think Case has a very efficient quarter-off condition in this offensive system. He can lead us to win in the future. “

Hayden plans to visit the steel people tonight. He is the first round show in 2010. Every year, he will fight against the steel man twice, and the steel man knows his strength. Hayden knows some Cleveland offensive and defensive tricks, and there are still 11 days of teams to meet the game.

The steel man has reached an agreement with Joe-Hayden on the contract terms.(US Time) Wednesday morning, Joe Haden is a member of Cleveland Brown. However, in the evening, he has become one of the enemy of Brown.

Some people may feel that Griden’s words are excuses, but they are all truth. Kynimham added Hongki, Flals and Payne joined the team in this year’s break, and tried to replace Trent Williams, still tetan. McLuolin is stunning, but it is still a rookie, and Quin is still needed in the second grade season.

“High-risk” player does not necessarily have to quit the season. Due to high-risk players reason to exit the new season will be counted in the cumulative season and will get all the benefits and the minimum salary, the other will get $ 350,000 subsidies are not included in the salary advance.

Breddy only took 28 passes, and took 288 yards and 4 Dalun, running Di Dian – Lewis) became a 120 yard. Although the patriot defensive group is flat, it is lost 464 yards, but this does not affect the patriot to hold the victory at home. The steelman quadruposed Ben Roethlisberger passed the 351 yards in the same way, and jointly launched the Antonio Brown to expand in the second half. However, the steel man finally could not find a way to prevent Gronoski, and his three Dacout launched a huge leading advantage, and finally transformed into victory.

Gronoski 3 times up to the ruleNew England Patriots 28-21 won the opening ceremony, although Tom Brady lacked a few first-ranking assistance, but as long as Rob Gronkowski is still, defending The champion has the ability to overcome any opponent. The whole game, Gronoski squatted 94 yards, Cheap jerseys completed 3 times, and rushed back to the ball on a code line.

“It’s not that, no. I think the most important thing is that we have some sustainability in the four-point guard. I can’t change people every 5 minutes. I have to give Case a lot of opportunities and these newcomers,” Grude In an interview, it is expressed. “This is really his first time in this offensive system. Donald Penn, Eric Flowers, when they first in this offensive system Play. Terry McLaurin is also. Tre Quinn only played 2 games last year. “

If the external card of the steel person is held on Sunday night, these five people will be absent. According to ESPN, the remaining four infected people are striking Joel Bitonio, and Khadarel Hodge, Guarda Hodge, Guard Ho, Jeff Howard Drui-Petzing

Gronoski’s performance is undoubtedly crazy, he once again prove that he is a well-deserved number one close. The steel man’s defensive group has never found the right defensive way, and the wire must not follow him, and the defenders can’t hold him. At that time, 52 yards, the ball promoted was a microcosm of this game, while the ball in the red area was more likely to show his ruling power. Gronoski seems to be the dislocation of the anti-trade-off of the opponent forever, which makes him different.

This professional bowl level running guards in the 12th week, and therefore missed the competition for the past three weeks. But the lightning is very competitive, winning all three games. Gordon’s returns will make the lightning attack more fierce, and also increased a chance to win the name of the partition from the chief. Six weeks before the knee injury, Gordon can advan the team for more than 100 yards.

Lightning running 卫 戈 close to the return, near Feng Henry participated in the trainingBeijing December 18th, US Time Monday, Lightning Coach Anthony – Anthony Lynn, told reporters that Melvin Gordon will be restricted to participate in training, last Thursday, “very close” regression . Lin En said: “If the game is arranged on Sunday, Gordon may be played.”

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