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At the same time as the arrival of Osville, Texas people should also celebrate Miller’s joining. This four-year experience will have highlighted balance, control the ability of the body and avoid the ability to avoid the ability, is an outstanding run. He is good at the neutrality of the anti-defending line, and his power is ignored. Plus an excellent speed and sprint, he is an unpleasant run from the outside, from the outside.

“Of course. The goal is to let the two leaves.” McCarti said, “(Cooper) has a lot of high-light performance, and the end of Dak Prescott. Randal is not inferior, his performance last year deep impression.”

Another dispute penalty is the competition from the Indiana Pony and the Pittsburgh Steelman. At the time of the competition, this is a great time to puminate the pony. At this time, the three-point guardian andrew luck will be inadvertently inadvertently in the end, and then quickly throw it to no. The people are recognized by the referee to deliberately passing the ball in the direction of the person. Since Rack is in the end area, so it immediately determined that the steel man completes the safety division, this sentence is also made up of the pony out of the turn. hope. The debate point of this penalty is that some people think that the passage of the pull of Rock is outside the end area when passing, and the other party believes that the Lak’s main body is not related to whether or not the arm is extended. Explanation of this Brandino: “This penalty is actually very obvious, should not be controversial, the first direction of Takk’s pass is obviously no legal pick-up person, the next focus is in the moment of lake His whole body and ball are located in the end area, so whether the arm does not need to be considered in the end of the end.

The list does not include those who say the team name but did not stop using it, for example: Bob Costas, Terry Bradshaw. You will find some spokespersons, sports editing and distribution stores, which indicate that this name or publish content will not be publicly publicized.

Wholesale nfl jerseys officially said that there is no problem with two major disputes this week.In the eighth week of two games, each of the challenges of changing the competition and the results were also questioned by the outside world, and at this Tuesday, NFL Vice President Den Brandino (Dean Blandino) ) Means that these two judgments are correctly sentenced, there is no misjudgment.

The following offensive comes from the 7th week of dolphins to the Dragon Dezhou people. Before the ball, Miller station in the final position of the formation. In this internal test area, Jordan Cameron, Jordan Cameron, got rid of the Dezhou’s defensive end Edge, Jade Clowney, Miller, after Miller There is no rushing to the kick, but patiently waiting for the air to open, and finally won the 85 code shock.

Fuller, this has been a total of 29 junctions of 29 games in the past two years, and has been in the sight of Texas people after 40 yards sprint for 4.32 seconds. He can open the doorpad route to defense to complete the ball in depth, or the boller can be completed by running. He demonstrates excellent speed, balance, and control of the body. He also brave in the Red District to complete high-risk catching. Although some people worried that his receiving ball capacity is not very good, Fuller’s performance in the rookie training camp can explain him a qualified tourist. If he can continue to strengthen the ball exercises before the election meeting, he is likely to be a round show.

On Thursday, in an interview, Greg Williams said that many people didn’t realize that the ankle injury has huge impact on Kunnan-Williams. After the latter is now restored, Greg Williams believes that the young defensive dish can play more excellent in the new season.

In the competition of Baltimore and Cincinnati, the collar is left behind, and the crow will take behind Stevene, Steve Smith, received the fight against Joe Flak (Joe Flacco). The long biography completed the 80 code, but then the referee thought that Smith had a movement of the defensive player during the ball, and was sentenced to the offensive party to catch the ball, and the final crow lost the game. This Brandino said: “This ball is very interesting, but it is unfortunately a ball interference. All the movements that obviously prevent legal pickups are engaged in the ball. We look back, it is obviously completed Smith in front of the ball pushed the defensive player’s chest and push it down, so it is correct that he is penalized. “

In addition, Texas also may try more “slow screen” tactics, which uses Osville to calm and patient advantage under pressure. He is an excellent holding ball, and his agile foots can make him easier to perform with confusing slow screen tactics in the backcourt, just like the 11th Zhou Danfo Muslim against Chicago Bear’s game in this game Sviller is the same as the ball of near-Termarer – Vernon Davis:

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