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Baked was selected in a professional bowl in the 2013 season, but only 5 times last season. If you want to re-see the game, the fans still need to wait for more time. In this year’s break, Tiger picks the Paul Dawson in the draft, and signing the old A.j. Hawk and Vincent Rey. The team originally hoped that Buffette can be completely rehabilled in July, but in the current situation, the team needs to continue to keep patient.

Marshall said: “When you lose confidence, everything is over, people who have no confidence will have any opportunities. But now, we have fallen into this situation.” At present, 3 wins and 6 losses of bear distances The race is getting farther and farther, and the team of the team last season is also inactive this season. Several core players were influenced by a variety of factors fail to achieve expectations. Marshall did not care for his speech, he always said that he would like to say. This also affects the team’s performance and teammates’ ideas. There are still 7 games left in season, and the head coach Malco Trestman (Marc Trestman) has to find Marshall in addition to the need to encourage the team to continue to work.

Mark: When you lose confidence, everything is over.This season, Chicago bears were worried. In addition to the downturn in the field, the problems in the locker room are also worthy of attention. After defeating the Green Bay Package last week, Brandon Marshall has simply evaluated the game in an interview, and it is intended to disclose his dissatisfaction.

In the training on Thursday, he collided with teammates after copying and passing. He then fell to the ground, obviously very painful and eventually leaving the training ground with the help of the trainer.

Watekins is busy with celebration to be hugged in front of the terminalSince Kino-Smith could not send the ball to the teammates’ hands (but in the opponent’s hand), the Buffalobir team took only 20 minutes to control the game of the New York Jet.

This is the ball from the 10-yard line of this side. Watekins gets rid of the defensive jet flexural area. At 20 yards, it began to slow down and extended the right hand to show score. The jet flexural defenders will follow And around the 10 yard line to hold him down. After getting up, Waterkins will hit the ball on the ground and regret it.

Such an answer may be suitable for a team of rebuilding, but is not suitable for cowboy. After playing in the last season, the cowboy reorganizes the coach team in this year’s break, but it is difficult to say that this year’s cowboy is better than last year.

Despite the overall downturn in Guandong District, cowboy is still possible to win the partition champion. But if they can’t start showing signs of rebound, these questions and criticism will only become more and more popular.

Cowboy high-rise: Mike McCarti is the right candidate for the team’s coachIn the game competition, Dallas denim encountered a break, which means that the Jones family with the team will be asked in the interview to see the new coaching group.

The Jaguchi was used in 3.13 to use the non-exclusive privilege label, the annual salary of label contracts was $ 17.8 million, and the Enskovi has not signed, but it has been urged the team to implement transactions.

It is worth noting that the exterior of the criticism of the denim team has turned cheap nfl Jerseys from china the defensive coordinator Mike Nolan to the coach Mike McCarti. This is a natural change for a team that supports a big score loss.

Janick-Engovi public shouting team boss: put meYANICK NGAKOUE is the desire to be traded for a long time, disappointed and angry he finally chose to the vice president of the Twitter public shouting team.

Tony Khan: Mr., this is another thing. I am from my heart, thank you for all contributions to the club. But there is no benefit to my personal attack on my personal attack on my personal attack. Only good trading chips can be transferred to your efforts to a more efficient direction.

Jenik – Ensovo: Since you feel good today, we will make the truth. We talked (transactions) after the game of lightning. But you have been avoiding problems in a way you don’t answer your phone. You are really spoiled, the little brother & hellip; & hellip; just don’t give you a reply (clown expression)

The team’s official website did not clearly point out the current health status of Baked, and said that everything is not unconventional, but if there is no accident, the team will include him in the season in the season, “because of the physical reasons”. ” This also means that Bakelet will be difficult to debut in the event of the team’s new season.

Jones Answer is also worth noting that he specifically means that McCarti is a suitable candidate for coach. He did later to talk to the entire coach team, “This is the first year of this team,” but if the situation is still not improved, it is hard to imagine Jones family will not quickly take the coach group.

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