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Live to the sea eagle make the ram still unable to lock the sequential qualification. Now, if you want to enter the playoffs, they still need to defeat the red tones, or they have to count the Chicago bear burden on Green Bay packaging.

The time that Su was punished for the lion could not be worse. As the heart of the team’s crude defensive front line, he should be a lion-mounted martial artist Dallas denim race Guarda-Murrco Murray and the key font of the best offensive front line of the opponent.

Goodel said: “I am very concerned about this problem. Two weeks ago, the five famous halls took over and several coaches came to we discussed rules. We hope to give reasonable explanations on the three-party position of the referee, coach and players. What happens currently does not want to see it. “

Lightning (8-4): In the first 13 weeks of the tournament, lightning away at the last moment successfully reversed crow, I am afraid not many people can expect at running back, offensive line positions, such as the case has been plagued by injuries, Lightning actually can also play 8 wins and 4 negative records, only 9 wins and 3 pillars in the Melon West.

The history of Soviet Woundment may have a certain impact in the alliance to make a ban on this banner’s defensive player. Su Suchen stepped on the offensive front line player Evan Dietrich-Smith, was banned after the Evan Dietrich-Smith arm. One year later, Su Bifu was kicking the four-dimensional Matt Schaub of Houston Texas, a fine of $ 30,000. Since 2010, this big head has been fined 7 times due to the violation of the player’s safety regulations.

Patriot (9 wins and 3 losses): Since it is lost to the package in the 13th week, the wild horse is overcome, and now the results of both parties will return to the same running line, so the patriot must lock the qualifications of the United States, next to each The competition is not lost.

Goodel said that one of the famous Hall of the Hall once said that “fans want to see the ball”, and Goodel said he wants to “more transparency and stimulation”, rather than every offense. Time playback recording, determine if the ball is completed.

Nfl President Goodel said that the heart is currently engaged in the rules In recent days, when participating in broadcasting programs, Rich McKay, President of NFL Competition, said that the alliance will once again discuss the rules on the successful definition of the ball. Wholesale nfl jerseys President Roger, Roger Goodell, also expressed the same idea Monday.

Gaoff won 234 yards in 43 passes in this game, and there is a pass of a pass. Although he is poor, the ram will definitely hope that he can play in the next game. The mandidate of the ram is John Wolford, which has never had experienced experience.

But after the Federation of the State, the concerns of his health appeared again. In this competition, Galley only participated in the 32-stage offense (the team 46% offense) and completed the 5-time mushroom acquisition 13 yards.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that NFL has been punished for 1 game for 1 game for 1 game for its stepping packworks in the Legs of Aaron Rodgers. After the Supreme Subes knocked Rogers, the playback lens showed this large head to back, two steps stepped on the injury between Rogers ankles and calf.

Phillip Rivers are famous “Mr. December”, and December last year, “December last year is a typical example. The second-grade external handle KAON – Allen Allen’s data on the 121 yards of the crow, 61 tickets 642 yards in the season are the highest in the team. The old-ended front-ended Antonio-Gates has achieved 9 times. They will be the best helper of Rivers. The Ring Council led by Ryan Matthews needs to overcome the weakness of the offensive front line to the Rivers’ air blowing power.

San Francisco 49 people lost to Yali, and the horses were nearly one step. After the main force quarter galopolo reimbursed, the Subject 4-point Wei Bisid was also extremely unstable. The last week of 49 people won the post, and the fourth quarter encountered the strong counterattack of the red scitch, and finally was killed.

After the Auckland raid team, the headlines after the end of the tour, after the end of the season, after the end of the stage, after the defending of the Khalier Mark, he took the team’s top before the end of the transaction deadline, and traded. Dallas Cowboy. The hand of the first round of the first round of the future, and the purpose of smashing the record is clear. Although the home of last week, although the horses played a wonderful counterattack, it was also collapsed in the fourth quarter, defeated the pony.

“I didn’t see this action on the spot. I didn’t (on the big screen), but I was told from I was told, I was told this movement is very ridiculous,” packaging worker teaches Mike Mike McCarthy) Say. “This behavior should not be present. This is my position. Honestly, I don’t understand this action.”

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