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I believe this self-confidence comes from the first partition of the saints, and the advantage is still very obvious. It is indeed very safe to Bris, but Brisse has 2 times this year, and 10 times have been copied. This is not good sign.

Morgan’s departure marked his end in the Saint-Different Elephant Period, he was banned from the team in the team last month. Despite the face of the Baltimo crow in the twelfth week, Morgan has always been a mystery player in Saints. Due to the top ten ligament of the knee, the whole season did not appear, the game was conflict with Pelton in the field. According to the media description, Pelton was chasing Morgan in the field. Then two people quarrel. This obviously allows the team to tolerance to him. Morgan will find the next East home. His career has six times more than 40 yards, but since only 11 buses since the 2011 season, it has made him difficult to continue to grow into a core player.

The bottom line is: Jackson and C. J. Spille C. J. Spiller share the number of shocks. After the transaction gets McKay and gives him a 5-year $ 40 million contract, Bill plans to rely on this front Philadelphia Eagle star player to bear the ball in each game.

Briscale has a mistake in his play: “No one has a huge pressure like me, I know how to better regulate, I will not let those mistakes. I have a responsibility, I feel I can let everything go back. This is what I need to do. “

The Houston’s external walking position is shrouded in the wound haze. Will Fuller clavicle fracture can’t be played, Braxton Miller sent to the black panther after the injury is absent from the training.

After the Say Season Trading, after Frank Clark, the Haiye originally defended Rid and Puna Ford, and Poona Ford served as the inner rushing task, the first round show LJ Collier, etc. Responsible for external pressure.

wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian RapoPort According to the informed news, the career entered the fourth year of the fourth year, was told himself to be abandoned. Labott said that the atmosphere “is very nervous” in the Saint team, he was told more than 10 players called separately to the office of Sean Payton.

Jackson was traded in Buffalo, but did not gain an opportunity for the 2012 holiday season. He returned to the sea eagle in 2013, served as the replacement of Russell Wilson and won the super bowl of championship. He became a free player after the end of the 2015 season.

Bill old will run Guard: will not argger to hand over the first positionBuffalo Bisho Rex Ryan said last month said that he would not wait to see his team, there is “50 sho” every game, this offense preference will likely let the running guard Whesean McCoy has exceeded 300 months in the third consecutive year.

“They say (McCay) will become the first running guard, but I will not let him get this position easily,” Jackson told reporters on Wednesday. “I won’t let the starter gave him.” But Ryan has splamed the basin this year. He talked about Jackson as a role player in the third attack in the third attack and Maikui shared the scene, this will It is a “part of the role.”

Texas is quite a clock Acklemn player, except Hop, 4-point Guide Sandson, External handle Delie-Hopkins, Trusque DJ Rui DJ Reader, defensive front line Carlos Watkins, Markus Gilchrist, is a member of the former Clemsen.

Reed accepted sports hernia surgery in April this year, and injuries did not affect his highlights in the 2018 season. He is expected to still participate in the training camp, but the regular season can only wait.

Jackson from Alabama State University in 2006, the second round of the Shannesota Victoria. He has played a five seasons for Viking people, starting 20 games. However, the most fluent season in his career was in 2011, at the time, he sent a 14 game for the Seattle Hawks, and passed the 3091 yards to 14 times.

Haiying defensive front line member Jan Riddi is banned six games Beijing July 23, US Time Monday, due to the 2017 incident in violation of the Alliance Personal Behavior Regulations, Haiying’s Deep Circuit Member Jarran Reed was banned by the Alliance. Reed never been prosecuted or arrested.

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