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Tuesday, this steel man has released a one-minute video in the twitter, and bid farewell to the nine-year team. The video content is Brown’s ball highlights, and the music is “do what i want” for Lil Uzi Vert.

Schan Mcvay said that he expected Taribi to return to the season. Two players who have been placed in the injury reserves can return. The star angle guard who once selected a professional bowl will be able to return to the lineup after 8 weeks.

Viking people with justified legal proceedings (Due Process, Note: The US Constitution stipulates that in addition to the legitimate legal procedures, the freedom or property) will be eligible for recovery of the team logo. The following is a complete statement of Viking Boss Qiji-Wilf (Zygi Wilf) and Mark Wilf (Mark Wilf):

The injury of Taribu is a huge blow to the ram. They will be in the Nnesota Viking, which is leading to Kirk Cousins ​​on Thursday night. In addition to Taribab, another starting corner of the ram is also troubled by injuries. Legs strain Pites may decide whether to appear before the start of the game.

Peterson’s case will also accept the Alliance to use Wholesale nfl Jerseys Personal Behavior Regulations. From the perspective of the field, Viking’s offense seems to be lost in the event of the burden of Peterson. His regression should be able to stabilize the team and allow the quartz-Cassel (Matt Cassel) to serve as a player who maintains attack instead of his 36 times in the game. Peterson’s case is far from over, but after the experience happened this week, the Viking people feel that the legal procedure is most in line with the team interests.

Adrian Peterson will play the third week of competitionMinnesota Weizhen Local Time announced on Monday morning, Adrian Peterson will fully participate in training and is expected to play the game against New Orleans Saints. Peterson was accused of being accused of reckless or negligence on Fruits, Piteson did not enter the game in the game, who did not pay in the new England patriot.

“It is clear that we are very serious about any event involving children’s welfare. But now, we think that this matter is related to just as a legal process, we should allow legal systems to continue, so we have made the most effective decision, we Troning the right countermeasures. This is a road that is difficult to correct the direction, our focus is to do the right thing. We currently think that our most appropriate countermeasure is to allow legal procedures to continue to advance.

Trouble is starting from the last week of the regular season, Brown did not participate in the team training, but also detained in the closing battle of tigers. The team has never been able to contact Brown.

John Dorsey, General Manager, said: “This will increase the depth of lineup to our striker. I think he still has room for development. When he is in college, I like him very much, I believe he can and offensive Grow together.”

Taylor is a five-year show in 2018. It played 8 games last season, and 7 were first. His rookie contract has been left in this summer, due to the introduction of Quinton Spain, Mickey Mors (Mitch Morse) and Jon Feliciano.

Ramague Aquari-Taribu is placed in the injury reserve listBeijing September 27, in the corner of Aquibu-Taribu, the AQIB Talib will receive an ankle surgery, and the Los Angeles ram will put him in the injury reserve.

“Today’s decision is made after a lot of thinking, discussions and considerations. As we decided not to let Adruitan’s play yesterday’s game, his case is obviously a very important thing. Friday, given this The seriousness of the matter, we believe that the practice of the team’s interest is not to let him play, assess the situation, and not to make judgments. At that time, we made we think that the best parties and events are best. decision.

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