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Giant Exterior Hand Cruz self-confidence can play the next game

New York Giants Entry Wask – Croz (Victor Cruz) has not been trained in this season. His calf has not heached it, which makes him unable to be selected to play the play of the Washington Red Leather Competition.

However, Cruz is still a controverted game next to Buffalo Boren will be his season’s first show. “I believe I will play,” Cruz said to New York Media.

The giant coach Tom Cao Fuwen did not deny his possibility of his appearance. He said, “It feels like he will appear, he is very excited, can’t wait to return to the game,”

Cruz has not participated in the competition since he suffered from severe hidden tandem tears from October 12 last year. Although he recovered smoothly after surgery, he encountered the trouble of injury in the caller during this time.

All of these troubles delay the arrival of giant fans looking forward to the arrival of the month. When Odell Beckham continues to show the horizontal level of the League, it is easy to forget how dangerous to partner of the Eli Manning in Tocz and the Quara-Manning (Eli Manning).

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