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News: The Alliance will continue to perform the 25 yard line of the bottom

The NFL of last season made an interesting rule change, cheap china jerseys and the bottom is the bottom, the offensive party will start at the position of the 25-yard line. This change is to reduce the execution of the ball.

The result is also the same as the alliance expects, the number of kick attacks is reduced, and the high-speed impact also decreases. The cheap nfl jerseys from china Alliance will continue this rule for this rule next season.

When this rule is just announced, many people think that this will play a reverse role, because the team will use more short kickings, force the ball to land in the distance cheap jerseys from china the score to force the opponent to pick up The ball is rebounded, and unexpected impact will also increase.

However, all the situation is developed in the direction of the alliance, which is only a recent union to help improve players safe and reduce the risk of brain shock.

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