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Of course, Brown joining pirates is less likely to happen, because they already have two stars that Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. The relationship between Brown and Alianas will have a huge effort to make up. Last year, Aliis slammed Brown, and the latter will respond immediately. In addition, Brown also accepted the Alliance survey due to offers.

Beckham took every pass by his right hand and easily recorded records 33 times, and the facts can be more – in the last Bris throw all the balls, Beckham has to return the ball back For Bris, there is some time here. Bris said, “This guy is too talent, I am very happy to help him complete this record.” He also said that he is happy to cooperate again with Baker Ham to refresh this record. Beckham also said, “Refreshing records, I can’t do anything, I enjoy this matter.”

This challenge is held in a superbown in Arizona, giving Baker Ham, is the Saint-Star 4-point Delu Bris (Alex Agent is Guinness. Ruling officer. The original record is 10 times, and a requirement to challenge the record is that the passing the ball must fly more than 10 yards.

Gala Flo was further explained in Wednesday. He said that if the team negotiates transaction, he has a serious technical issue (such as the team’s general manager’s home interrupts), and the alliance will independently decide to give the team more time to complete the transaction.

Beckham refreshes a one-handed world recordOdell Beckham.jr) once again showed his single-handed skills, and this time he finished him with a single-handed skill. Guinness World Records at the number of batches!

Eric Berry offered the next place after the fourth quarter, and was pushed out of the field. NBC reporter reported that Berry bun tendon injury, if diagnosed as loops, Belle will say goodbye to this season.

Although the outside world is worried that the virtual drain will have technical issues, the team will not be suspended during the player. cheap nfl jerseys From china has considered a number of methods to communicate during draft, including public video conferences between each team.

In addition to the left knee, the left knee is severely reversed in this attack and defense, the Belle is hit by the back of the neck, and the chest is also hit by the helmet. After the injury, the Chibley was tears, and the breathing was not smooth. This is one of the times that people have been sad.

“I feel unbelievable when I see her in the first time. I am proud of her. I am grateful to her life,” J. J. Watt said. “Now is half a bit of bitterness. She participated in the game in Utah, but they were in the isolation zone. So I can’t see her, he can’t see me, so we can’t see each other. So, for me Seeing that she kicker is one of my favorite things, I love to see her playing, I love to see what she loves to do things & mdash; & mdash; I have to give up actually seeing her, see her. This is a bitter feeling, but I have always love to see her playing, she looks great. This is very interesting. I believe me, I can’t think about it again at the end of the month. “

Black Leopard coach Luke Rivile (Luke Kuechly) was in the cerebral shock inspection process, and he was in the second half of the new Orleans saints at 23-20. The paragraph was hit. Rivira did not provide further information on the injury of Chickenley and did not say when he returned.

Due to the influence of the epidemic, NFL has decided that the draft will be performed in full virtual mode. Each team will participate in the draft in their own location and communicate via a telephone or network.

As the main bone of the Black Panther Defense Group, he has always been the most valuable player of the team. If he has been wrong because of injury, it is hard to imagine that the Black Panther can go to the playoffs from the current 4 wins and 6-linked results.

The next game of Kaya-Watt will be on Sunday to the Royal Utah. Although J. J. Wat is looking forward to returning to the team as soon as possible, there is no doubt that he will continue to support his wife at a further place.

When various teams are restricted in Utah, Houston Dezhou defensive end-knit J.J. Watt (J. J. Watt) has no doubt that you want to support your wife in person, but because of the epidemic, this wishes are bubbles.

J.J. Watt: Look at the wife in the distant participationIn the American Wednes, the US Watsukina is courageous in the face of Northern Carolina, which is unsatisfactory, Kei Alia Watt and Chicago Red Star are got 0-1.

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