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The old basketball super superstar is not a cowboy fan but he believes that “the United States team” can enter the playoffs. He guaranteed in a detachment show: “I guarantee that we will take the next game, I am sure we will enter the playoffs.”

Goff and Americo-Financial.tc his rookie teammates visited the Warner Bros. Corporation and have time to try a witch broom before green screen. “Yes, I like Harry Potter,” Goff said. “I think I have seen all movies. We went to Warner Brothers & Mdash; & mdash; all the rookies were relaxed. Riding broom in front of the green screen is part of the event. I have been interested in these movies, So this is a cool thing for me. “

Ramague Aquari-Taribu is placed in the injury reserve listBeijing September 27, in the corner of Aquibu-Taribu, the AQIB Talib will receive an ankle surgery, and the Los Angeles ram will put him in the injury reserve.

But although he got a signature bonus of more than $ 1.8.5 million, Goov said that he has not planned how to spend the money in the first big purchase. In fact, the contract that makes his bank account in a large sum of money is not even his favorite activities last Thursday.

Obviously, this is a masterpiece of the two brothers who created the “Fried John Iceck Website”, they are raising funds on the website, preparing to buy advertisements outside the course to publish advertisements for the general manager John Ziqi.

I have said that Haig is the favorite of Goff, who is the favorite character, does not wear “branch caps” because he has done this and satisfied with the results. “I walked over the school hat last year,” Goff said. “We are also here, we are also in Warner Brothers. I have been divided into Grefofen, I feel,” I don’t want to do anything again. A no longer doing it again. & Rsquo “

Schan Mcvay said that he expected Taribi to return to the season. Two players who have been placed in the injury reserves can return. The star angle guard who once selected a professional bowl will be able to return to the lineup after 8 weeks.

The injury of Taribu is a huge blow to the ram. They will be in the Nnesota Viking, which is leading to Kirk Cousins ​​on Thursday night. In addition to Taribab, another starting corner of the ram is also troubled by injuries. Legs strain Pites may decide whether to appear before the start of the game.

In fact, during the university, he played the right to take a right, because the University of Alabama 4-dimensional Tu A-Tengo Valoa (Tua Tagovailoa) is a left-handed child. Therefore, it is important to change the left cut off in the professional stadium to the Wells’s ability, but his muscle memory, the direction of action and psychology.

“We gave him a lot of training tasks, we really started from some basic skills,” Karahan said. “Just pay attention to the standing position, let him train the left hand and touch, he has had such an experience. Our practice is to collect many videos, he will send a video back, I can guide all our we want him Details and techniques of learning. “

After Brown Picking the Jedrick Wills, there is a question in the outside world: Can Wales, who served as a right trip during the University, can change the left cut off? In particular, how do he learn the conversion position online under an epidemic?

Despite the attack on the attack, Mai Gao Yi believes that he will have more choices in the new season. “We don’t have a lot of choices last year,” he said. “Now, we have a lot of choices, we look forward to dedication to high level performance.”

In addition to Pepez, Corey Coleman, Gorden Tate and Darius Slayton may also serve as a backcrhist. The game situation and the role of Pepez in the defensive group may also affect his use in the special group.

In other words, Pepez’s arrival may increase the performance of the giant in the attack, but the giant may still use multiple back to attack. But Pelps with experience and potential, most opportunities to become a player affecting the high school group.

According to the “New York Daily News” reported that on Wednesday, a drone appeared on the training ground of the New York Jet, and the tail of the plane was “fried in Izyk”. Freedom of the banner on the field.

Let this scene more embarrassing thing is that the jet fracket Woody-John John is also present, and has been talking to Izyk. The drone and banner circles are in the training ground. From the beginning to the end, it will be in front of Izi, I don’t know what I zik is thinking.

“In addition, I also sent him a video of the player who went to the left and tried in his career. We will also watch together. His progress is really active. He really absorbs information like a sponge He sakes all the content you can give him, he still wants more. I am really excited about him. I am eager to work with him on the training ground one day. “

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