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Baret has previously filed a complaint on the location of the label contract, he hopes to sign the defensive end tag, not the wire guard label. The online guard label contract currently salary is $ 15.8 million, and the label contract for defensive ends can be $ 17.8 million. The previous crow and the rushing hand Matthew – Zhu Dong (Matthew Judon also stalemate on this issue, and finally the two sides ended one step, signed the middle number ($ 16.8 million).

The ram just moved from St. Louis to Los Angeles, chose a rookie four-point Weijie-Goff in the draft selection, they need the attention of the outside world, because at least, no one thinks that they can be stronger than last season. .

In fact, the team who took the hard-guy training camp in the past few years did not dominate the team, the team’s defensive dish Alon Donald (Aaron Donald) said: “It’s just a camera facing you, we don’t play. Something is it. “

Jeff Fisher said that he has communicated with the coaching group and players, and the player will not be affected by shooting. He explained: “We hope this time will become the best. Shooting, we need this way to show our own, the players are easy to close, they know what is the most important, we have communicated. “

Carl pre-test Carrier Mac next season harvest 30 killersThere are not several players in the past two seasons, such as the Khalil Mack of the Auckland raid, can have such efficient play. He completed 15 kills in the last season, 77 times, 2 times to create a ball, and his is 11 more than the 2014 season, and it is huge.

Although Mike’s data fell, his performance is actually maintained in the past. In the score of professional football focused, he got 86.2 points. The overall performance of the bear defensive group is not good. Only 32 kills in the whole season, and the collapse of the league is twenty-four, and in the 2018 season, they have achieved 50 kills, and the third of the league is column third. But in any case, the bear team needs Mike and others to dedicate better.

Baret said: “I want to sign a new contract, they also think. But now the big environment adds difficulty to complete the new contract. So if I can do, I will be very happy. Even if there is no, I am willing to play again here. In the year, continue to talk to the team after getting more answers. In general, I think the contract is more likely to have a contract for a year. “

Although the performance of Mike last season is very successful, it is difficult to predict how his next season will, and the nearest team’s four-point guards of Drek Carr is bold: “I think he will kill four Self-assault 30 times, look at his video carefully, his defensive all his best, he has talent, no one in the alliance. “

“Carrill is not lacking in fighting spirit, never lacking,” The Bear Exterior Wire Coach Ted – Monachino “said on Thursday. “But I want to tell you that he treats this sniper” It is like to prove yourself, “I think this will motivate us everyone.”

The bear team obtained in the national UNIPA champion and is considered to be a superb bowl champion, but it is declined in the two ends of the attack and defense last season. In the end, 8 wins and 8 losses were disappointing. Mike’s data is the same. He only won 47 times, it is the lowest career, and 8.5 擒 擒 and 14 hit four-point guards are the lowest since the rookie season .

Pirates Quartz Wei Wanton denied that the head coach is notBefore the start of this week, Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Tampa Bay Pirates Quartz Weijamis Winston and the head coach Dedkote (Dirk Koetter is not.

Cot also denied anything wrong: “I think I have a firm relationship with Winston, I have never questioned this, but this is just my opinion. I know that we are between What happened. I am most concerned about our team. “

“This is a distracted news that this will appear after we show it.” Winston talked about the previous report, “I firmly believe in the coach and player. If you read today, I didn’t play the ball I have 3 mistakes. “

“Yes, when we didn’t reach the expectation, many news will come out, but that is all fake news. Curtor coach can’t, he also supports me. So, no matter who wants to say this & mdash ; & mdash; but this is unable to change the fact! “

In this week, the offense first appeared in the competition of Detroit Lion this week. Pirates have enough fire to advance, and finally achieved 400 yards, but multiple mistakes will continue to decrease. Winston personally delivered 3 ball rights conversions.

This season, the pirate record slipped to 4 wins and 9 losses, the team’s best defensive front line Gerard McCoy may also suffer seriously. After this week, the pirate has identified the playoffs. If Winston and Curt are lasting in the last three weeks, the pirate management may make changes.

“First, I have to declare that my relationship between my coach is very good. After walking into the stadium, we have the same goal & mdash; & mdash; that is to win the game. So other people may report it. Winston said.

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