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A few weeks ago, Peterson said that he chose which team effectiveness and how much income they can get, and hinders that they will still consider other teams through trading. Now, Peterson’s statement demonstrates that the salary level plays an important role in both negotiations. At present, the possibility of Pittsen’s proceedings is much greater than being traded.

Haskins said: “I don’t worry that I can unveiled the first battle, but I hope I need to prepare for all needs & mdash; & mdash; whether this year is still next year. If you need me to play, I hope that I have all the best, I will not hesitate. “

Peterson: Do not participate in the training camp does not mean that I will leaveTuesday, Minnesota Viking Casual Coach Mike, Mike Zimmer, is a very tough answer when the Adrian Peterson will continue to play a team. Qi Mo said that Piteson only has two options, for Viking, or choose to retire. After a day, Peterson himself voice, his answer seems to hinder his future go.

Peterson said in the statement: “The reason why there is no training camp is not what I want to be traded. I just hope that I have a more stable future in Viki people. This is part of the business, it is not worthy of personal. Viking People come on. “We are not difficult to see from Peterson’s speech. He is willing to continue to work for Viking, but the contract problem is the condition he needs to be prioritized.

The bear team of the Three-winning Board clearly has entered the reconstruction mode, and cheap Nfl jerseys they are the strong competitors of the monographs of the monographs next year. Focusing in a team that transforms 3-4 defensive, 4-3 defensive ends like Allen are meaningless. For young players more time exercise is a reasonable step for the team. In fact, the bear team did not earn him before the League of $ 11.5 million in March this year.

“I’m here to play ball for many years, worked with a lot of players.” Rose Rees Berg said, “must learn how to motivate different players in different ways. This is when the leader, when part of the responsibility of the captain, the players have to understand. Sometimes you need to talk to the side of the side, sometimes you want to be honest. “

In Tuesday’s broadcast programs, Rosrisberg questioned Antonio Brown Running in the end of the game, the new tribute, the new show, James Washington, and the offense coordinator When the Randy Fichtner was in the last time of the steel man, it was not enough to use Juju Smith-Schuster.

Ben – Rooserberg believes that he has the right to criticize the teammateOn November 29th, the twelfth week lost to Denver wild horse, the steelman quarter-Roethlisberger did not hide his dissatisfaction with his teammates and tactical arrangements.

Black Panther Defense Group wounded. Charles Johnson has been determined to be at the end of the game due to the injury of the leg glute. Line Guke Kuechly, because the brain shock missed the past two games, his return is still not set. In the season, the black leopard lost the defensive end Frank – Alexander, and his instead of Kony Ealy has not played a lottery. The top three games in the Black Panther were seized in the entire team, but only one shidder was taken once in the game to defeat the New Orleans saints.

Red skin coach believes that the rookie quarter Wei Haskins has the first unveiled battle capabilityOn June 15, the lucky election of the DWAYNE HASKINS, Hongki hopes to see how this rookie will be trained, there is no potential for competition.

Last Salary Falcon has been misplaced in the third consecutive season, the defensive group handed over 19 kills, restricting the 16th digit of the row of roses, and Freny’s joining is bound to bring young people in the team’s defensive group. More experience.

Compared with the effective bear, Allen is more suitable for the Black Leopard’s defensive system. The bear team is looking forward to the defensive end of his long-standing defensive end. Allen is currently the largest number of murders in the alliance active players, reaching 134 times, this data makes him ninth in history. The 33-year-old old will show yourself that you have the ability to sprint the four-point guard. Most such situations occurred in his defending end and non-wire.

The team officially publicly rumors also let the fans eat the fixed pills. The 36-year-old Bris is still the top quad-saving quarter, and his performance is declined last season, but still completed the transfer of 4952 yards, pass successfully The rate is 69.2%. In the course period, the saints sent to the near-end Wild Graham and young and young, Henny Stills, while renewing the Marc Mark – Engram (Mark Ingram) ), And CJ Spriller incurred. This series of moves are considered a team of team tactical transformation, and experts believe that the Saints will transfer the offensive focus from pass to the ground next season.

In the 2012 season, Bris and team signed a contract for $ 100 million in contracts. In the fourth year of the next season, Brisse took 18.75 million basic wages, and the team salary has 26.4 million impact.

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