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Crow Safety Wei Denne – Elliot: Confident Can Replaces Timas

After the Baltimore Collus quickly decided to cut off Earl Thomas, the third grade player Dedio Elliot will serve as the first security sanctuary when it is less than a month away from the season. .

Elliot that can say that the glory of Elliot is not worried that the Thomas will be too disturbed.

“I respect Earl and his performance, but I don’t care Earl; I care about what I can do for my teammates,” Elliott said. “I know that I will complete the excellent defensive performance, I know we will work hard to become a good team. So, no matter what I need to do, I will do. Whether it is 8 times, 10 turn-up still did not copy Down, no matter what I need to help my team play out, win the final goal of our match we need to win, this is my only concern. “

In 2018, the sixth round of the draft was severely injured in the past two seasons before his career. Before the rookie season, he was placed in the injury reserve list because of the arm fracture. In the last season, he only played 6 games, and he won 6 times and destroyed the ball, followed by the knee injury again.

The crow needs a security guard against the ability to focus on the ability and the ability. The team pass the ball defensive coordinator Chris Hewitt, said Elliot is ready to become the first.

“Of course, it is a confident young man & mdash; & mdash; sometimes too confident,” said Hewit. “But he is definitely not confident in any way. He has always been such a person. He came to the team and ready to appear. When he came to the court, he brought the vitality to other defensive group players. He is such a person. I love him to play the way. “

The coach John Harbaugh is also confident in Elio. “This is when he belongs to him,” Hubble said. “So, wait for his performance.”

To seamless replace Thomas, Elliott’s health will be key. Crows hope he can make up for any of the loss of Thomas.

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